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Julie is now accepting walk-in clients every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 2pm to 8pm.



The Artists

The Artists

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Please leave a message as we may be tattooing.


If you would like to contact your artist directly, please call, text and/or email using the information provided in the Artists section of this site.  Emails are encouraged for lengthy discussions of ideas and sending reference photos.  Text messages are encouraged for brief conversations with your established artist.


Art Gallery

We support local artists - gallery space available.

 Please email Heather Alvin.


Lady Luck Tattoo

1301 NW Grand Avenue #3

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Pricing starts at $120.00 per hour and may vary by artist. When discussing design ideas with your artist, he or she can give you a price estimate.  This is a lifetime investment and your artist can work with you to find solutions to get the artwork you want within the parameters of your budget.


Please schedule time with your artist as far in advance as you can.  Our artists may be booked out for a month at times, so it is important to meet with us to determine the scope of your artwork and book time accordingly.  We accept walk-ins if time allows, however there is no guarantee of same-day services.  Our hours can be very flexible based on our artists' schedules.

Aftercare &More

Click HERE for after care information, questions and answers,

Guest Artist Adrian Dominic

Now through April 4th!


Adrian Dominic has been tattooing since 1999. He specializes in highly rendered designs, with emphasis on biomechanical work. His designs exploit light and shadow in ways that convey incredible depth and mass.


Email Adrian      View Website







We are a beautiful modern tattoo parlour located in the heart of the downtown Phoenix arts district.  Home to the former Bragg's Pie Factory, our building also houses several art studios and a café.


Here you will find experienced artists in a fun family atmosphere where everyone is always welcome.

We operate by appointment and can accommodate any tattoo in a clean and professional environment.