Taryn Moore

After several years of moving between tattoo studios in Arizona and California, Taryn has found her way back home to her friends at Lady Luck Tattoo. She began tattooing over a decade ago, under the guidance of good friends Heather and Magic Marge.


She is highly inspired by all forms of artistic expression, from music and dance to painting and architecture, and all play a role in her creative process. She believes there is always something to learn and adapt through all forms of art, from ancient to contemporary, and from every part of the world. Taryn has been artistically creating for over 20 years, with a combination of drawing, painting, photography, design, music and  metal work... and of course, tattooing.


Taryn enjoys relaxing and resetting in nature, and her love of it is evident in her work. Elements of nature and flow are favored by her, including sacred geometry and organic patterns. As a lover of several creative/artistic styles, Taryn does not limit herself to creating only nature tattoos, and enjoys many different tattoo styles and concepts as well!


All of her work is hand drawn/painted and as original as possible. Check out her portfolio for more examples of the artwork she enjoys tattooing. Please email Taryn through the website link or Instagram for consultation and appointment requests, or for artwork/prints.

1301 NW Grand Avenue #3

Phoenix AZ 85007


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