Julie is a self taught artist from Belgium who moved to Arizona in early March 2000. Drawing from an early age, Julie has always had a passion for art in its many forms but was always especially interested in drawing. In her earlier years Julie drew a lot of inspiration from comic book and all other types of illustrative art that employ the use of clean lines and clear imagery.


Later on Julie found herself attracted to tattooing and all the art that attaches to it, such as flash painting. She began to look for an apprenticeship at the age of 18 and finally found her home at a shop in early March 2011 where she apprenticed under Dany Shepherd. Slowly she found her style and now focuses mostly on traditional tattoo art, which employs the use of bold lines and brightly saturated colors.


Julie has been tattooing professionally for over two years now and is always striving to grow as an artist. When she is not tattooing, Julie can be found sketching or painting.

Julie Duncan


1301 NW Grand Avenue #3

Phoenix AZ 85007


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